Work Samples

Selection of contributions to publications and some of my own texts

A selection of work samples from my contributions to the Germany coverage of diverse US-American, British and other newspapers and broadcasters is listed below. Some articles written by me in English or German are also included. Among those are assignment articles written in the names of CEOs, members of a Federal Ministry, etc.

The Atlantic:

June 2016 – “The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife”

The Boston Globe:

November 2015 – “Ben Carson’s surgeries seperated twins – didn’t always save them”

McClatchy Newspapers:

November 2015 – “Attack at French stadium shows Islamic State weaknesses” (reporting from Paris)

January 2015 – “Slain cartoonists were cultural icons in France” (reporting from Paris)

The New Yorker:

December 2014 – “The Quiet German. The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world”

CBC News:

November 2014 – “Berlin Wall: 25 years later”

The Washington Post:

May 2013 – published in The Guardian – “US beer makes its mark in Germany”

May 2012 – “In Germany, veteran affairs in limbo”

June 2012 – “Greece tries to pay back Germany on Soccer Field”

December 2004 – “Germany’s New Reality. Layoffs by Automaker Confirm Labor’s Diminishing Power”

The Daily Telegraph:

December 2007 – “Mad King Ludwig was murdered, says historian”

August 2007 – “Russians Composers were Music to Hitler’s Ears”

The Boston Globe:

June 2006 – “Traveling Cadaver show want you”

The Chicago Tribune:

January 2005 – “GM takes cost-cutting strategies on road, to Europe


Contribution to documentaries:

2011 – “Elusive Justice. The Search for Fugitive War Criminals” (PBS), research, producer for the entire Germany coverage, interviews and footage (by Saybrook Productions, New York)

2009 – “Two Sides Of The Moon”: Honor killings. A film about the life and death of the young Muslim Hatun ‘Aynur’ Sürücü in Berlin


Contribution to book projects:

2011 -Frederick Kempe: Berlin 1961: Kennedy, Khruschev, and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth

2009 – Steve Coll: The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century

2008 – David Maraniss: Rome 1960- The Olympics that changed the World


German texts:

2012 – Excerpt from the print magazine “Region schafft Zukunft”, assignment of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (writing and editing of the entire magazine)

September 2011 – Print magazine ‘Der Landkreis’ – “Region schafft Zukunft. Demografischen Wandel gestalten” (assignment article)

March 2011 – Print magazine ‘ASG – Ländlicher Raum’ – “Demografischer Wandel – Erhaltung und Schaffung von Arbeitsplätzen bei der Strukturanpassung” (assignment article)

January 2010 – Newsletter German Water Partnership e.V. (written and edited as Director of Public Relations)

July 2007 – unpublished manuscript, feature on the Audio-Walk through the former concentration camp Gusen (Austria)


Magazine VOSS:

January 2004 – Excerpt of an Interview with Madeleine Albright


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