As an experience journalist, researcher, fixer and translator, I offer texts and facts from Berlin – produced most professionally:


Research online and offline, interviews

I have got many years and a broad range of experience in research: in the internet, in talking to witnesses of historical events, people in the street (vox pop!) or politicians, as well as in archives. I perform with high journalistic standards and ethics. Often involved in investigative research, I never give up before I‘ve got what I wanted.

I regularly undertake sophisticated researches for book projects of renowned authors or producers of film documentaries. Colleagues from abroad highly value the quality of my independent, reliable and skillful researches which save them from spending precious time in Germany. I am the perfect professional help for journalists or authors working on larger projects. I am used to conducting interviews on the phone or in person (in German, English or French). See references of books by American authors (some Pulitzer Prize winning).

Fixing, story ideas

I have been working as fixer since 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell and foreign journalists urgently needed curious and involved budding journalists like myself. Today, as a highly experienced fixer, I can provide most of what is needed for the Germany and Europe coverage of news media independently. I offer story ideas and conceptualize how to approach the topic. I find the best sources to interview or locations to shoot, and I am organizing fast and well structured. News gathering, fact checking and finding interesting sources are my daily business. In my performance as a fixer, I am drawing on a deep knowledge of Germany, its history and politics.

Translation, media reviews

In addition to my mother tongue German, I am fully fluent in English and French. I translate the interviews I have conducted accurately and fast. In interviews conducted by foreign journalists, I interpret (nearly) simultaneously. I am used to monitoring German and European media, producing press reviews on specific topics – if needed on close deadline. Summarizing the gist of it, picking the best quotes and translating those are part of my working routine.

I am happy to translate any kind of text beyond the context of journalism as well!

Texts for online news and PR

After having worked in public relations for several organisations and institutes over the past years, I know how to write PR texts and how to produce quality content for the web. In my recent half-year training as a content- and social media manager, I learned how to write search-engine-optimized (SEO) texts for websites.


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